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About Us

About TuffDog

Where it all began

We’ve always had dogs around us and they’ve been a huge part of our family. Our friends all have dogs too, so they form a major part of our lives.

However, when it comes to dog products, we often found ourselves disappointed with the quality on the market, so we decided to design our own products with the emphasis on using quality materials and with added comfort. TUFFDOG was created in 2021.


Patch was a much loved mixed breed and owned by our close friend Jay. Patch accompanied Jay on all his Tuff Mudder training events and earned the nickname Tuffdog. When Patch sadly and unexpectedly passed away from a tumour, we decided in homage to name our brand after him and TUFFDOG was formed.

Who We Are

TUFFDOG is an evolving British owned brand that prides itself on providing high quality products for our beloved 4 legged best friends. 

Change Improve Evolve

At TUFFDOG we’re always looking for ways to change, improve and evolve. We have ambitious plans to grow our product lines with quality items that deepen our understanding of dog owners.

To help make our range successful, we perform intensive market research with an aim to find the needs and wants and to try to solve some of the issues that dog owners face. With our product lines, we use this knowledge to create our own versions that address the negative points to create superior products that primarily focus on durability and comfort for your dog.

Customer Focused

Everything we do at TUFFDOG is centred around the customer. We put our heart and soul into ensuring our customers are satisfied with everything we do, so we actively encourage customers to engage with us.  Using the wide reaching platform of Amazon, we aim to offer our customers a complete online shopping experience with fast 1-2 day delivery.  

Benefit from an extended 1 year warranty from the date of your purchase by registering your product on our warranty page.

Supporting Local Dog Clubs

TUFFDOG is committed to helping dogs become better trained. We aim to do this by donating some of our products to volunteers at dog training clubs in the UK.